About MySentent

The site https://mysentent.com is simply said is the Instagram but just for blogs and story tells.

Differently said, site https://mysentent.com is a blog type of website, so our users can create their own stories and share with each other, so that can other users see the written posts on their home page and also can like the post, commented em and save post if they want it to read that post other time.

The website is created so that everything is clean and easy to use, someone will say that the website is the same as Instagram, but with different functionalities. Which was for us as well as some goal that we want to achieve, to make everything simple and in its place.

Functionalities that users have on our website is are:

You can now see our site without the need for registration, just login using these credentials
username: testy
password: test
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If you have any questions about our website or any suggestions please let us know via our email [email protected].